Ms. Shao

Ms. Shao, Jingqun is from Guangdong, China. She started learning Guzheng in her early childhood from Master Xu Disheng the author of the two Guzheng solo “Flowing Streams in Spring春涧流泉” and “The Border Song塞上曲”. After graduating from Guangzhou Music Institute (Now Xinghai Music Conservatory), Ms. Shao has been working as an expert in many countries. Now she is the master instructor of the Texas Guzheng Music Band(TGMB) in the USA. She was honored with “Eastern Music Ambassador” for her unique performance at UT for nearly 3,000 Central Texas school teachers and students in 2003, and has received the ” Distinguished Texas Musician Award 2015″. One of her students Liao Zilan won the golden prize in UK Wals International Music Competition as early as 1984. China’s well-known magazine “Global Personalities carried the article “Strive forward to her dreams” to praise her contribution to spreading traditional Chinese music culture. In America, her students Sherry Hu, Ellen Chang, and Abigail Hu won the first place reward in the “American Protege’ International Music Talent Competition” 2014,2015 and 2016