About Guzheng

Guzheng is one of the traditional musical instruments of China. It appeared in Qin(秦) Area (now Shanxi Province )2,500 years ago, so it is also called “Qinzheng”. The word GU means old (ancient), and the word ZHENG comes from the sound of the instrument. The earliest Guzheng had only 5 strings. Then, Guzheng with more and more strings appeared in the late coming dynasties. Now the 21 string Guzheng is the most popular one.

Guzheng is a plucked string musical instrument of the zither family. The player plucks the strings according to the melody with the right hand fingers, and touches with the left to produce the desired pitch and create subtle tones and ornaments. Guzheng is also the Chinese national musical treasure. People, old or young, love this beautiful and elegant music from the ancient to the present. Now, it seems that this ancient Chinese musical instrument, which is also called the “Oriental Piano” by the Western musicians, is winning more and more audiences in the world..